What a great last few weeks for San Diego Marine Aquarists

Hello to everyone!

I must start out with a big “WOW”, what a great last few weeks we have had at San Diego Marine Aquarists since we went public in August! We announced our first meeting for Sept 22nd with Bob Fenner presenting “Anemones for aquariums, use, husbandry” for our first speaker for club. Bob did a great job presenting and I learned a few things I had either forgot or didn’t remember Thanks Bob you were on fire!IMG_x4pp09

I just finished being a volunteer at RAP 2018(Reef-A-Palooza). Wow what a great show that SCMAS puts on this will be my 3rd event volunteering for the California Reef-A-Palooza, they also produce New York, and Florida Reef-A-Palooza. I had a few minutes to chat with Gregg Carroll (President SCMAS) to let him know we are active and to let him know we are offering any help he needs for the 2019 RAP. His comment was it has been a long time since any other clubs offered to help and we will be talking more over next few months. Also let Gregg know we will be doing a behind the scenes tour of Scripps and we would like to invite SCMAS to be part of that event …. he was excited about that!


Now for the local news of events! Mark your calendars for Nov 4-5th 2017 as we will be having a table for our club at SDTFS (San Diego Tropical Fish Society) annual Fish Show. We used to do that back in the late 80’s and was a great time. We might be able to if time prevails to have a small display tank there as well for everyone to view. I hear they have a few thousand walk through show, what a great way to help build the hobby! We also will be working with and inviting SDTFS to events we may have as well…. like the Scripps tour.  We might have to setup 2 tours so we all can enjoy as there may be a limit on how many on each tour, more info on that over next few months.


I have posted a link for the MACNA 2018 on web site, it has everything you need for information and to buy tickets, book rooms, shirts and directions. I also had a chance to talk with Tom Lisciandra who is the MASNA Secretary, good news we will have a few shirts for our raffles AND best of all a few full pass tickets as well for raffles…. great news! If care to become an individual member of MASNA we have a link in our website.


This months meeting we have Robert Fenner back for another one of his great talks this month’s topic is about “Reducing Negative Cnidarian Interaction”. Remember it will be at Sizzler which is our regular meeting place……. Sizzler – 3755 Murphy Canyon Rd, San Diego, CA 92123.

Looking forward to the upcoming meeting as we have had some great feedback and a lot of folks indicating they will be there as there excited to have an active club in San Diego.

Want to become a member? Official SDMA Membership ($30.00 per year) – Individual or Family 


Until next time………… Mark Lawson


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