Happy Holidays from SDMA

Once again, we have exceled and exceeded beyond where we had expected to be by the end of 2017! We have grown in membership, we have acquired new supporters like VW Reef,Reef2Reef, Fritz Products to be added to our growing list supporters. We had a great speaker Chris Medrano from Fountains Aquarium last month on Chaetomorpha Reactors, how they work and some great tips on how to make your own.seaside-aquatics-chaeto-reactor

We had a board meeting on Dec 9th and boy did we do some brain storming! We have a great agenda lined up for the new year 2018! I want to thank all the board members for all their help in getting SDMA dialed in and coming to gather as a working unit.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAAXAAAAJDY1NTk1NTc2LWM0MTYtNDVlNi1iYjRkLTExYTg2YWQ1NWIwNQTo start out we will have Fernando Nosratpour | Associate Curator Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography UC San Diego speaking in January 26th, 2018 on Topic: “SECORE Coral Reproduction Workshop: Applying workshop techniques to efforts at Birch Aquarium at Scripps” ….more info on meeting.

That is just to start out 2018, Feb about RO units, March fragging 101 at SD Corals with Chris and Megan Gagnon as our hosts and instructors for the evening. Lets not forget what we all have been looking forward to and waiting for……. Birch Aquarium tour with extra behind the scenes tour. You can find out more info on the SDMA events page under field trips link.10d2e11


We also will be setting up a North County store crawl in spring/summer and also have another store crawl for San Diego/East County/South Bay area’s. You folks like BBQ’s? Throw in some softball, horse shoes? We will post the time and place in spring of 2018. Things are coming into shape and really am looking forward to what is planned for 2018. Best way to keep up is to join our newsletter and come on down to meetings!

Just a reminder we will not be holding a December meeting so everyone can enjoy holidays and there family’s.


Happy Holidays to all and see you all at the January Meeting……. Mark Lawson- President

Pssst…. We have a cTech T-NANO Hang-On Calcium Reactor – Up to 75 gal Tank in January’s raffle!



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