Outstanding March!

We have had an outstanding month…..from Fragging 101 to behind the scenes tour at Birch Aquarium La Jolla! I would like to THANK Chris and Megan at SD Coral for opening up there store in La Mesa for an interesting evening learning tips and tricks of fragging a variety of corals,mushrooms, SPS and more. 29572758_10214575595917644_513483708999748226_n

Big thanks to Jason Salonen for setting up a video system that went to a 32″monitor so everyone could see up close what was going on…….Great idea!

29186218_10211423271965964_289503801886636054_n 29497270_10211473215294516_2359225242000558421_n

We were not done for the month following the meeting on Friday we had our field trip event to Birch Aquarium Scripps in La Jolla,Ca. Big thanks to Fernando Nosratpour for arranging this for us as a reef club. Want to see more photos stop by our Facebook group page.


Photo by Mark Lawson


Photo by Andrew Hedman








Looking forward to see more photos from other folks that went on this tour. Stop by the group page and post them we all would love to see them!

Don’t forget Saturday April 21 st 2018 tour of  Tour of Crystal Dynamic Aquarium Mfg, tour, socializing Meeting at there facility in Oceanside,Ca. If you plan on going just a reminder to fill out the RSVP form so we can have a number showing for drinks and food,snacks.

Remember you can post comments to any of these blog pages that our posted on our home page.

Until next time……….



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