What happened in May and what to see in June.

May 25th we had our MASNA Speaks Program with Chad Clayton speaking on Reef Nutrition products and their uses -Culturing and Proper Utilization of Rotifers- Culturing and Proper Utilization of Copepods – Biosecurity -Why enriching rotifers is paramount.

It was a great presentation on Rotifers and Copepods learned a lot about what Reef Nutrition does for the hobby. Chad brought along some hand outs for everyone in attendance… bottles of live Tigger-Pods and TDO chrome boost for fish and inverts.

 We all had a great time, food,socializing prior to Chad speaking  and gained 5 new members to our ever growing SDMA club. Here are some highlights from May 25th:

chad 1chad 2

chad 3chad 4

Image may contain: 7 people, including Andrew Hedman, Mark Lawson, Spot Oliver, Chad Clayton and Bob Fenner, people smiling, people standing, screen and indoor

Our board and one fun fellow reefer Spot Oliver also a new member….welcome aboard! Working with LVVRK (Las Vegas Valley Reef Keepers) we got Chad on board to Vegas to share the same information presentation Chad shared with us for there club…..Thank You Chad Clayton for a fun interesting and informative night!

So what do we have coming up for June? Glad you asked this coming Friday the 22nd 2018 we will have one of our own members and also our new Vice-President Jason Salonen speaking on Reef Lighting-PAR, PUR, Lux, and Particle Physics made easy. What you should know about lighting your corals.

June Meeting For more information

See you all at the next meeting until then Happy Reefing…….




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