SDMA at Crystal Dynamic Aquarium Mfg.

Crystal Dynamic Aquarium Mfg Tour on July 21st 2018 was GREAT and a big Thank You to Zoya and Brent for hosting this event and walking us through the many steps that it takes to build their tanks. Found that there was much more to the planning stage to the completed stage setup in your house. I must say that these tanks are built to last many many years down the road and are not your everyday glass tanks.


Zoya explains this custom tank on a smaller height stand for a handicapped customer, so they can view easier.

This tank setup Zoya is explaining the customizing of for not only a shorter stand but the planning to be able to place equipment under with height constants. This was design for a customer that is wheel chair bound……..great setup!

A few pictures of tank and a metal stand wrapped…..



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We continued on around the building to view various type’s of aquariums at different stages of completion that were in production at this time…..did you know it can take over 21 days to complete the steps to build there aquariums?


After tour we had a Item donated by Crystal Dynamic Aquarium Mfg. (30x20x20 Rimless Starphire Tank and Stand) and the winner is:


We had a great time and we had a fantastic BBQ after that…. one of our N.County members put together for us…..Thank You John Bennett and Candace Saari for putting together a great spread!


And a goofy shot of a few of us!


Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting at:

Bob Fenner will be speaking on “Three Sets of Factors that Determine Livestock Health”

Shipwreck Cove Custom Aquariums – (760) 805-6557) 1441 Encinitas Blvd Encinitas, California

Directions to Shipwreck Cove

ship wreck cove 1


Until next time……….







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