What a way to wind down summer before MACNA 2018

20180824_180038 What a way to wind down summer before heading out to MACNA 2018 by meeting in North County at Shipwreck Cove, if you haven’t yet….plan to stop by one day! They have both saltwater and freshwater selections if your into either or both great selections on hand.

Bob Fenner presented us with one of his very interesting presentation on…..

“Three Sets of Factors that Determine Livestock Health”

Environmental, nutritional, social factors, infectious and parasitic pathogens. As conscientious aquarists we need to be aware of the root causes of diseases of our captive charges and do our best to identify, prevent, and if necessary treat to cure them or reduce their ill effects. And there is much aquarists can and should do. Careful, intelligent livestock selection, properly acclimated and kept in an optimized, stable environment with its myriad factors, plus excluding and weakening infectious organisms are the primary aspects of prevention and control of disease.


It was a great time and lot of open question and answer time with Bob! Looking forward to holding another meeting in the future at Shipwreck Cove. Make a day of it and add them to your list of LFS to visit on that search for that one fish or coral your looking for……. if you don’t see what you want ask Dan Cohen owner!

Boy wait till next month’s blog post!

We will have a lot of pictures and with captions and comments highlights on MACNA 2018……….after seeing what a great time folks have at MACNA you will want to join us in Orlando FL for MACNA 2019. Make it a vacation for the whole family and check out the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort, Epcot Center and much more there are even PERKS included if you stay at hotel!

Come join us for a BBQ at Bob’s house for Highlights and Pictures and open discussion about MACNA 2018, Please RSVP if your coming (Head count for food) and we are also limited to 30-35 at his house.

Let us know if your coming and we will have a plate of food and refreshment’s waiting for you.


Until next time……….


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