Clownfish Corral


As I was finishing a way overdue tank cleaning and water change, my eyes caught something unusual on the rocks. My clownfish had laid eggs! 

Excitedly, I drove to my favorite fish store, and when I told the staff about my good news, I received a very different reaction than what I was expecting. I was informed that breeding clownfish would be too much work, that I’ll never keep them alive, it would be a hassle to set all the necessary gear up, and so on. For me, this read as a fun challenge to take on!

Sometimes life takes you in directions that you don’t expect. I have now been breeding clowns since the beginning of 2019 for my business, Clownfish Corral. I’m looking forward to sharing beautiful clownfish with  enthusiastic reefers as my breeding program grows and my new pairs spawn.

Thanks for stopping by!

Krista, Mother of Clownfish

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