About SDMA



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About San Diego Marine Aquarists:

The San Diego Marine Aquarists (SDMA) is 501 (c) (3) and ran by local marine enthusiasts for all marine enthusiasts, and dedicated to the support of the hobby of marine aquarium keeping, advancement of knowledge, understanding in the husbandry of closed marine ecosystems in the San Diego area. We welcome all hobbyist of all experience levels and their families to join us at any of our meetings and events to make the most of the hobby. We are a friendly club that is wanting to share the enjoyment of the wonderful saltwater world.

San Diego Marine Aquarists Mission:

  1. Educate hobbyists and the public regarding the importance of the marine ecosystem.
  2. Increase knowledge and understanding in the husbandry, maintaining of the marine aquarium system.
  3. Strive to gain general public interest and understanding of the marine aquarium hobby.
  4. Promote captive coral propagation and promote supporting  marine fish breeding.