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October 27th 2017  7:00 pm


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Topic:  “Reducing Negative Cnidarian Interaction” – Part One – By Bob Fenner

Too many people envision the reefs of the world to be some aquatic equivalent of “Bambi crossing a meadow” with some sort of miraculous “balance” amongst the life that occurs there. This is a dangerous precept for aquarists, as these areas are veritable battle zones with the life competing for space, food, mates… at a “tooth and claw” level. Most all benthic life we keep continues with this behavior in captivity. Overgrowing, shading, poisoning, stinging, eating its neighbors… Sometimes at great distances. Herein will be my statements re approaches to alleviate the major thrusts of this issue with stinging-celled life… All out competition is an omnipresent situation in captive reefs. Proper set-up… Starting with smaller specimens, placing the less noxious to more in order, careful maintenance… and observation are all useful tools here.

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November 17th 2017

Topic: Chaetomorpha Reactors 12507155_10206667276735174_8072835953299610922_n

Speaker: Chris Medrano fountains

Since the dawn of mini reef tanks, exporting nutrients to keep aquarium water clean has always been one of the most important tasks to having a successful, thriving tank. Between activated carbon to protein skimming, carbon dosing and denitrification, algae scrubbers have been in the conversation of nutrient export since the beginning but it’s making a big resurgence with the increasing popularity of chaetomorpha reactors.

Chaetomorpha Reactors are one of the more interesting newer developments in the reef aquarium hobby.

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December 22nd 2017- No Meeting Pending Holidays

January 26th 2018 7:00PM


Topic: “SECORE Coral Reproduction Workshop: Applying workshop techniques to efforts at Birch Aquarium at Scripps”

In Oct. 2015, I attended a SECORE workshop on the island of Curacao. Getting to work with scientists and other aquarists in the field and in the lab, to help restore coral reefs, was a great experience!
I hope to employ the techniques and knowledge gained from this workshop to my work with coral reproduction at Birch Aquarium.

Fernando Nosratpour | Associate Curator
Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography UC San Diego10d2e11

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February 23rd 2018

showntell“Show n Tell” Your Aquarium Setup & Socializing Meeting (More details to follow)

March 23rd 2018 (SPECIAL LOCATION)

Topic: Fragging Corals 101

Speaker/ Instructor: Chris Gagnon  (Owner of SD Corals)sdcorals

This meeting will be at SD Corals located at:

7424 University Ave, 91942 La Mesa, Ca 91942

Directions to SD Corals


March 25th 2018 (SPECIAL EVENT)

Educational Field Trip for Club – Details And Reserving Your Spot On This Event 

Discounted admission with “Behind the scenes tour of Birch Aquarium”


April 21st – Details to be announced cd

Crystal Dynamics Meeting and Tour /BBQ (SPECIAL EVENT) (SPECIAL LOCATION)

May 25th 2018

MASNA Speaks Program MASNALogoR

Speaker for this meeting TBA more info to come on this.

We will also have MASNA and MACNA swag to give out at the event including T-shirt’s, poker chips, and playing cards.  We will also give you codes to raffle off 2 full conference passes as well as codes for discounts on full conference pass purchases for your attendees.

June 22nd 2018 – Details to be announced

Lighting Presentation

July 27th 2018 7:00 PM

Speaker: Bob Fenner

Topic: Three Sets of Factors that Determine Livestock Health


August 24th 2018 (SPECIAL LOCATION) 

Topic:  To Announced 

ship wreck cove 1

Shipwreck Cove Custom Aquariums – (760) 805-6557)

1441 Encinitas Blvd 

Encinitas, California

Directions to SC Corals

September 28th 2018

MACNA 2018 RECAP just a open discussion of any new items we saw at MACNA.


October 26th 2018

November 16th- Moved up a week for Thanksgiving

December 28th – No Meeting Pending Holidays