Future Meeting Dates 2019

December 28th – No Meeting Pending Holidays

January 25th 2019 – Kayla Wilson – Conservation of Medicinal Marine Sponges Kayla  Wilson

February 22nd 2019 – Abigail Cannon – Seagrass Beds and Manatees / Sea Turtles

March 22nd 2019 – Ben Frable – Taxonomy of the Fairy Wrasses (schedule pending) Related image

April 26th 2019 – Allison Lee – FjordPhyto: Phytoplankton and Oceanography of Antarctica

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May 24th 2019 – Charlotte Seid, Ph.D. – Benthic Invertebrates of the Southeastern Pacific (schedule pending)

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June 28th 2019 – Kaitlyn Lowder – Crustaceans @ 7:00 pm  Related image

July 26th 2019 – Round Table and Open Floor

August 23rd 2019 – Chris Medrano – Image may contain: 1 person, sunglasses, beard and closeup

Owner of San Diego Aquarium Cleaning

Setting up and Maintaining a Saltwater Aquarium

September 27th 2019 –

Speaker: Bob Fenner a much-in-demand speaker at MACNA,  IMAC Conferences, Trade Shows, and Marine Aquarium Societies!

Topic: A Presentation on New Collecting Station in Fiji, and the Corals, Invertebrates, and Fish of the Region.



October 25th 2019 – TBA

November 22nd 2019 – TBA

December 2019 – No Meeting Pending Holidays