MASNA Charter


MASNA Charter

This charter is in addition to MASNA’s goals and mission, and outlines our beliefs

for our members and the marine aquarium industry. MASNA members and sponsors agree with the

MASNA Charter and agree to conduct their actions and behaviors according to the charter.

  • MASNA members support and promote their local marine aquarium club;
  • MASNA members agree to promote and support captive breeding / propagation efforts within the marine aquarium hobby;
  • MASNA members only trade in marine ornamental organisms that are legal in their location and respect their local, national and international laws;
  • MASNA members agree to prevent the release of marine ornamental organisms into the wild;
  • MASNA members are encouraged to use the correct scientific name of each species when communicating with others;
  • MASNA members support the sustainable collection of wild collected animals through the most environmentally ethical ways possible and condemn the use of cyanide and dynamite collection techniques;
  • MASNA members promote the respectful trade and handling of marine ornamental organisms which includes the recognition of proper packing and transportation of these organisms in accordance with national and international laws;
  • MASNA members keep the health of aquatic organisms in mind by providing the proper water quality, feeding schedule, treatments, and environments
  • MASNA members use the latest peer reviewed science to support their position and educational documents; and,
  • MASNA members’ actions are always inline with MASNA’s goals.