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San Diego Marine Aquarists January 24th Meeting

16 Tips For Creating Stunning Aquarium Aquascapes

How many times have you walked into a local fish store, someone’s home or perusing the forums and a beautiful reef tank has stopped you dead in your tracks?

Stop on by and find out the 16 tips for Reef Aquascaping your tank.

Presented by: Mark Lawson

7:00 pm at our usual meeting place at Sizzler off of Aero Dr. and the 15 Freeway



Richard from Aquarium Maintenence Technician for Aquatic Escapes in Vancouver, Canada has provide a section in his website.

My aim with this site is to pass on as much information in an easy to find, easy to understand way so that I can hopefully make your entry to the world of saltwater aquariums as smooth as possible.


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