Meeting Location and Times

SDMA April Virtual Meeting – General Meeting Friday, April 24 7:00 – 8:00pm


JOIN WEBEX MEETING use this link below:

This meeting will mainly be for folks to get familiar with use and understand how to log on. We will also have a open chat as to how everyone is doing! We want to hear if have you have any new projects you started or need help with anything.

It is to my understanding that Coral Farmers Market will be possibly holding an event in Nov 2020. This is good news for all of us and look forward to firming that up with Steve.We will be reaching out to other events as well like MACNA 2020, PLNU for the fall fesitval for 2020. The thing I would like to bring up is possibly holding online meetings on another day other then Friday night….open for suggestions!

We’er looking to do this meeting and May’s online, but let’s talk about maybe continuing virtual meetings. I know it can open doors for more speakers and topics as they can just join us here or even Skype from any where.What do think of that idea? Let us know at the meeting…..Thx


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